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Mobile Song Process Documentation

I used the GarageBand app on my IPad to create this song. There was an app I had on an old account that was what the inspiration for this recording was. That app was the Looper app. I thought it would be fun to use the loop part of GarageBand to do my own version of “Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Basically I recorded the song with my own voice in 4 bar loops. After I figured out how to line all the loops up so that the timing was close, I just did an overall recording of me playing the loops back. It was kind of like playing a video game. 

Self Remix Process Documentation

This one was really a no brained for me. What I did was take my Midi Madness song from earlier in the semester and beefed up the percussion tracks to help it sound better. I just multiplied each percussion track by two. Using different drum machines to fill out the sound really well. This gave me a much stronger sounding groove from the percussion. Was a minor change but I think it fixed a big flaw in that song.

Sampling Ethics

I don’t believe that sampling something without permission is a bad thing. As long as you are not selling that piece of music with the sample you’re using then it is okay. For example a lot of Rap Arrists have mix tapes that have samples that would need permission but since they are posting them for free it doesn’t seem to be an issue. 

Documentation for Peer remix

I decided to use Laura Mclaughlins midi song from earlier in the semester. I really liked the quirky electronic sound it gave. All I wanted to do was change the drums. I wanted the drums to sound more payed back and relaxed. More of a hip hop feel than a club DJ feel. So that’s what I did. Created my own drum track to go along with it and duplicated it using different drum machines on every track. There was some bleed over from the original drums she had in there so I turned the treble up and the bass down and that mostly got rid of it.

Documentation for Found Song

I decided to choose my own sound for my found song. I thought it would be funny to have a very minimalist mello song with me randomly coughing in it. So that’s what I did! I came up with an easy going 4 bar melody and added drums to it. Then I sparatically added the sample of me coughing. Alas it is not most amazing work but I think it will give people a good laugh. If I had another shot at it I would add a little more background to create more ambience and intrigue for the ear. 

Sample Genelogy

The song I chose was “O.N.I.F.C” by Wiz Khalifa. The sample he uses is used as the basic groove throughout the song. It is a deadmau5 and Kaskade song called “i Remember.” The sample is taken from 1:37 into the music.

i Remember-https://youtu.be/zK1mLIeXwsQ

The song “Freaks and Geeks” by Childish Gambino quotes Wiz Khalifas song “Black and Yellow.”  The quote appears at 1:42 of the song.

Black an Yellow- https://g.co/kgs/W2KovS

Freaks and Geeks-https://g.co/kgs/6OHyRu

Real vs hyper real vs surreal

This is a recording of the band lettuce playing their song “Sound like a party” live at a music festival. What makes is sound realistic is the way the instruments sound in the environment. Not too echoey, but also not to manipulated. Also, the sound of a large crowd cheering helps.
This recording is called “The Clearing” by snarky puppy. It was recorded live. There is an audience so that makes it very apparent. The thing that sounds unrealistic is the perfect balance of the recording. When seeing a group live there is never a perfect balance like it is in a studio. Especially when there are as many people performing as there are here. 

This is the studio recording of Aerosmith playing their song “Eat the Rich.” The recording is very boomy and manipulated so thats how I know it can’t be live. Also there’s no sign of an audience.