Song One Process and Reflection

For my first song the first thing I liked was a two bar piano melody that simple, mellow sounding, but still used harmonies that were intriguing to the ear. So I decided to make that the epicenter of my song. I built around that then with a 4 bar synth sample that was just background ambiance, in order to give a little depth to the listener. Next I wanted to find a simple beat that wasn’t too fast and energetic but still had some sort of intriguing rhythm. And I found 4 bar beat sample that fit perfectly. Also I want to add a little auxiliary percussion to use so I found a great tambourine sample.  I wanted to have some sort of B section so I used a bass groove along with a separate synth example that I found previously. Then I added a different and more lively drum beat to finish out.

I do think this counts as legitimate music making. I felt accomplished and happy with my final result. Also there is conscious decision making in how I want the song to look, sound, and feel. That is what I think makes music music. This song making made me excited to do more moving forward!


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