MIDI Song process and reflection 

My Midi song was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot about what my ears like. I played around with all of the different midi synths in garage band. I then chose from a few of my favorite sounds. After that I chose one synth as my lead. I composed a short 4 bar melody that I thought was pretty groovy and that I could repeat a lot. After that I came up with three 4 bar melodies to give my song some contrast. Then I used the drum machines on garage band to supplement the main groove. After that I varied which melodies I used where and it came out like this. Surprisingly simple once I got the ball rolling. 

I’m over all very happy with my result. All I want from my music and music making is for people to be able to listen and groove to it. I played this for multiple people and they bobbed their head along with it. If I were to fix something in this it would be to vary attack and velocity so that it sounded a little more human. I would also add a few more drum sounds to fill out the background. I feel like the song seems a bit empty in the climax. I’m excited for my peers to hear this.


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