Real vs hyper real vs surreal
This is a recording of the band lettuce playing their song “Sound like a party” live at a music festival. What makes is sound realistic is the way the instruments sound in the environment. Not too echoey, but also not to manipulated. Also, the sound of a large crowd cheering helps.
This recording is called “The Clearing” by snarky puppy. It was recorded live. There is an audience so that makes it very apparent. The thing that sounds unrealistic is the perfect balance of the recording. When seeing a group live there is never a perfect balance like it is in a studio. Especially when there are as many people performing as there are here.
This is the studio recording of Aerosmith playing their song “Eat the Rich.” The recording is very boomy and manipulated so thats how I know it can’t be live. Also there’s no sign of an audience.  


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