Production Analysis 

Can’t Get Right by Ghostnote Sound sources:

– Two acoustic drum sets

– Acoustic/electronic Auxiliary percussion

– Xylosynth 

– Saxophone 

– Bass Guitar 

Producers: Robert “Sput” Searight And Nate Werth

Engineers: Eric Hartman And David Lopez


MIDI Song process and reflection
My Midi song was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot about what my ears like. I played around with all of the different midi synths in garage band. I then chose from a few of my favorite sounds. After that I chose one synth as my lead. I composed a short 4 bar melody that I thought was pretty groovy and that I could repeat a lot. After that I came up with three 4 bar melodies to give my song some contrast. Then I used the drum machines on garage band to supplement the main groove. After that I varied which melodies I used where and it came out like this. Surprisingly simple once I got the ball rolling. 

I’m over all very happy with my result. All I want from my music and music making is for people to be able to listen and groove to it. I played this for multiple people and they bobbed their head along with it. If I were to fix something in this it would be to vary attack and velocity so that it sounded a little more human. I would also add a few more drum sounds to fill out the background. I feel like the song seems a bit empty in the climax. I’m excited for my peers to hear this.

Song One Process and Reflection

For my first song the first thing I liked was a two bar piano melody that simple, mellow sounding, but still used harmonies that were intriguing to the ear. So I decided to make that the epicenter of my song. I built around that then with a 4 bar synth sample that was just background ambiance, in order to give a little depth to the listener. Next I wanted to find a simple beat that wasn’t too fast and energetic but still had some sort of intriguing rhythm. And I found 4 bar beat sample that fit perfectly. Also I want to add a little auxiliary percussion to use so I found a great tambourine sample.  I wanted to have some sort of B section so I used a bass groove along with a separate synth example that I found previously. Then I added a different and more lively drum beat to finish out.

I do think this counts as legitimate music making. I felt accomplished and happy with my final result. Also there is conscious decision making in how I want the song to look, sound, and feel. That is what I think makes music music. This song making made me excited to do more moving forward!

Favorite and least Favorite song

My favorite song is Can’t Get Right by the band Ghost Note. It is my favorite simply because it grooves so hard. The percussion parts are perfect and set up an excellent groove which is like a 5/4 over 4/4 feel. So interesting yet so simple at the same time. 

My least favorite song is Play it Again by Luke Bryan. First off, I generally dislike country because I think there isn’t enough evidence of individuality to call it it’s own genre. Second, my girlfriend love this song so she always forces me to listen to it on long car rides. For both of these reasons this is my least favorite song.